As the industrialist, Henry Ford (1863 – 1947) already recognised,
coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress and
working together success.

In addition to the actual business of machinery and equipment
FLOWMONT GmbH offers you 
more achievements in
implementation of complex tasks with a number of
cooperation partners.

The respective cooperation partners from the fields of electrical
painting, lifting, insulation, control cabinet work,
machinery and steel,
logistic, measuring, packing, and piping
are specialists in their field and
complement the services
offered by FLOWMONT GmbH.

According to your requirements, you will receive a complete offer
of a service p
rovider to professionally implement your ideas – 



our partners

Hofmeister Maschinen- und Stahlbau GmbH

Spedition Hofmann & Co. GmbH

HOFMANN & ENGEL Produktentwicklung GmbH

Gutachterbüro Schmieder