Are you planning to build a new factory on a green field site?
Is the move-in service from the truck to the positioning in the mounting
area not included in your contract with the machinery or plant supplier? 

FLOWMONT GmbH is your contact and possible partner for
unloading, unpacking, move-in and positioning of your devices and

FLOWMONT GmbH supplies the move-in service with its

qualified staff and required lifting equipment, which will be obtained
economically from close local sources. FLOWMONT GmbH approaches
every new task with a high level of motivation, whether for single
devices or complete 
manufacturing systems.

If the new equipment is being delivered
by your supplier, if necessary
FLOWMONT GmbH can be available for you
on site
to provide flexible assistance with further tasks:


Unloading trucks

Unpacking machinery and plants

Disposal of packaging material separated by material
types for recycling

Moving-in service/cross transport

Rough positioning of machinery and plants



Are you looking for a competent partner for the performance between truck and installation site?