Is your final assembly operating at, or even beyond capacity due to space constraints?


Do you require a temporary increase in space for final assembly in order to handle current orders and a high-performance partner with first-class experience in machine and plant assembly?


FLOWMONT GmbH, with its employees from the fields of mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics, electronics, application, commissioning as well as existing final assembly area, offers the following services:


Logistics for machine and plant parts as well as installation material 

Final assembly for machines and plants in cooperation with your
xperienced line managers 

Electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic installation of the machine 

Our partners located in the immediate vicinity, who operate in the
field of mechanical engineering and steel construction, enable the
processing of parts (see the section 'Mechanical Engineering and
Steel Construction')

Mechanical and electrical function tests in cooperation with your
experienced line managers

Commissioning in cooperation with your experienced commissioning

Following successful final acceptance, the system is dismantled,
shipped to your end customers and, if desired, we also take care
of on-site assembly up to and including the test of functions or

BGVA3 measurements, Profibus measurements, Profinet
measurements, Ethernet measurements.


Do you need your projects realised?