Rotalign Ultra iS



High-end alignment system for rotating machines and shafts of all
kinds and platform for measuring complex geometries by:


Collecting hundreds of measurement positions, automatic
          evaluation of the measurement quality and filtering of the
          measurement points using intelliSWEEP
Practical alignment for uncoupled shafts in Pass measurement mode
Machine corrections in one step: simultaneous monitoring
          and display of the machine corrections on the vertical and
          horizontal level with Live Move
Assessment of significant incorrect alignment operations
          and machines that are far apart with InfiniRange

Installed cardan shafts can be measured


Can be used individually to suit your needs


Thanks to expert modules like Vibration Acceptance Check
and Live Trend  for thermal growth
With an integrated Bluetooth module
Storage of the measurement protocols in PDF format
directly from the device to a USB stick

Using of fitting plates for exact alignment of the machine parts



You can tell the pros by the equipment they use!